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We Love WordPress Blog Designing!


We Love custom WordPress blog designing and the site you are on right now was built in WordPress Dashboard.

Why reason do we love it so much?  It’s simple and easy. WordPress is powerful and flexible open source platform or dashboard that is the best blogging idea platform and most simple (CMS) Content Management System available.  It is highly customizable and here are mere than thousands of developers continually creating new Plugins, Widgets, Templates and Software upgrades.

Blog Designing Web Development

Get A Custom Blog Designed For Personal Or Official Usage!


Your Blog Setup The Right Way For Success!

There is just so many advice available the internet about blog design and if you don’t follow a successful design, Your setting physically up for failure! We professional Blog Designing Company in Goregaon, Mumbai, India,

Blogging Guideline:

Maximum blogs never get any visitors or raise a subscriber list, but that’s because Maximum people are following the wrong step and doing it all wrong!

Everything you want to know about setting up a blog design, creating quality content, getting blog visitors, building a subscriber list, and exchanging your visitors into business profits is inside.

Most important tips:

  • Why maximum blogs on the internet never get succeed.
  • How you can avoid common mistakes
  • The #1 thing your blog must have a responsive design, this is a beautiful big deal!
  • How to rapidly and simply turn on the traffic to start getting visitors to your blog posts almost proximately.
  • And most important… How to truly profit from your blog visitors, without having to produce or sell your own products.

Benefits of Blog

  • This one will look different
  • Look professional
  • Improve relationship with your clients.
  • Improve your public image.
  • The blog will improve your business reliability.
  • Attract additional customers.
  • You can easily manage your blog without any coding.
  • Blog comment helpful for marketing strategies
  • Provide better understanding about product and services

“If you need to be successful, searching someone company who has achieved the target results you wants! Contact Us Today.

Our Custom WordPress Blog Designing Services:


Our effort empowers products by making meaningful capabilities that engage the visitor, push limitations, and get instant results.

Paid Theme Installation

Existing Theme Customization

Custom Widget & Menu

Simple and Useful Design

Paid Enquiry Forms

Mobile Responsive

Choose Blog/Template Branding

Using SEO Yoast Plugin

How to Use This


  • Gives you control over your own web content
  • Isn’t just for blogs but is blog-ready when you are
  • Is great for Search Engine Optimization
  • lets you add new features at the click of a button


Turn your passion into profit

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Banner ads Advertisement
  • Freelancer Article writer
  • Buy and sell ads
  • eBook Sales
  • Click Bank
  • Sponsored Listings

Why Has SEO Task Designed A Blog For You? See An Only Some That Are Included With Your New Blog:

  • WordPress installation and configuration.
  • Create dashboard
  • Theme template setup, installation, and configuration.
  • Designed for your choice or use. (5 to 10 of designs to choose from).
  • Mobile responsive.
  • Activate widget sidebar and configuration (we install the basic use plugins and you can add just about anything you want)
  • Ability to add a photo on a gallery, YouTube videos and custom WordPress HTML code.
  • (We will train you and operate on how to use the admin access for editing and adding new post).
  • Hosting setup & monthly billing annually. (1st-year setup is free if you host your site with us).

Below to view a few samples of business and personal WordPress blog theme designs done by SEO task for all your web designing and SEO Mumbai, India based clients.

Our Services for WordPress blog designing in Goregaon, Mumbai, India. We got you covered.

You Need a custom blog designed WordPress theme or customize an existing theme? Adding a development task to an existing WordPress blog?

Get Free Discussion over the phone or in person. We take on any small size project and have the experience to build you a competitive online occurring.

Our pricing for blog designing start at around Rs. 15000 (US$230)

Call: 9004300571

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