Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy looks like fishing…you want to wait patiently for the catch…only if around are fishes …in the first place.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Any marketing that used computers in any form can be described as digital marketing. If the content being disseminated is digital then the marketing campaign can be described as digital. Many people confuse digital marketing with internet marketing strategy and often use the terms interchangeably. While it is true that the internet plays a huge role in digital marketing, on the whole, internet marketing is a mere subset of digital marketing. Digital marketing can be explained more simply as the creation and distribution of digital content in order to promote a specific service or brand. With the rise in popularity of smartphones and smart handheld devices, digital marketing strategy has also come to include marketing efforts that focus on mobile phone and tablet users.

We decide the digital marketing strategy created on:

✅ What do you want your clients to say about your brand?

✅ How do you want to power your presence on the net?

✅ Do you need it to give you results in the form of leads, sales income or popularity?

Beyond internet marketing

Internet marketing is but a small subset of digital marketing. Websites, Email newsletters, Mobile applications, Web apps, smartphone apps are all part of a digital marketing campaign and a company can create a huge splash when launching if they can coordinate the many facets of digital marketing and leverage them properly. A great digital marketing campaign is effective not only because it targets so many different platforms and user bases at the same time, but also because it creates the illusion that you have a massive presence even if you are only a one-month-old startup.

Fringe digital marketing areas

Digital marketing includes not just internet marketing, but also television, radio, and mobile marketing. Sending text messages, airing ad spots on TV and radio are all part of digital marketing. Once very popular as a form of advertising, the interest among small business in these fringe services has dwindled. Prohibitive costs and poor return on investment have led to this decline, and promotion on TV and radio has become impractical for new businesses who cannot afford to use these mediums of advertisement.

Pull and Push Digital marketing strategy

It is important to understand the difference between pull and push marketing so that you can better understand which one will be more beneficial for your business.

When you seek out customers and contact hundreds of people in the hopes that a small percentage will turn into customers, you are practising push marketing. If on the other hand, your customers seek out your services, you are a practitioner of pull marketing. Not all businesses can benefit from pull marketing, and for some, the possibility of push marketing may not even exist. Identifying your needs and creating a marketing strategy that combines a combination of push and pulls marketing will help your business grow faster and in an organic manner.

Digital marketing strategy services at SEOtask

SEOtask delivers digital marketing strategy services that are not only efficient but also very cost effective. Our graphic designers will create ad spots for you and design beautiful infographics which you can use to explain your services to the visitors of your website more effectively. Application development services for web and mobile are also a part of our digital marketing services, and Seotask always makes sure that you get complete assistance with your digital marketing campaign.

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