Search Engine Marketing

What is search engine marketing (SEM)?

Search engine marketing in the simplest words in the process of using the free and paid services of search engine services to promote your business to the users of these services. Marketing is essential for getting the word out about your services and making sure that your business gets the best shot at success. A combination of paid and free search engine marketing techniques can create remarkable results and set up the way for your business to become a successful enterprise.

Search Engine Marketing

Our SEO & SEM Services include:

✅ Keyword research

Our teams help you find the best keywords to target for your local business’s display ads, text ads, search ads, video ads, etc. all.

✅ Complete content optimization

Our content optimization for your website or blog provides the important data that any search engines use to determine what your content and, by extension, your local business is all about.

✅ (PPC) Pay Per Click service

You jump to the top of search engine lists and look on relevant partner websites with our sophisticated pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement and management service.

✅ Link Population

Interlinking from other websites is important to extend your business brands presence with a positive search engine rank. Our teams ensure that these links raise consistently, attached with the best right keywords.

✅ Monitoring and Reporting

We provide our clients with daily or monthly Reporting & Monitoring services uniquely tailored to their business.

✅ SEO Consulting

SEO consulting services include a full website or blog audits with actionable recommendations that give your company’s portal a solid competitive advantage in the search engine results.

Creating a balanced marketing campaign

Search engine marketing is a vital part of an online business promotion. Your business needs the exposure SEM provides to attract its initial group of customers and become a service that can start attracting more customers from word of mouth publicity alone. There is a crucial period during which your business needs to create a large enough customer base so that your business can continue to grow organically without needing further investment in business promotion. Free search engine marketing in the form of SEO will help you target organic traffic, but until your website attains a high search engine rank, you will need to invest in paid SEM services like PPC marketing. SEOtask makes sure that you get the search engine marketing your business needs to become sustainable. Our experts will analyse your business and its needs to create a marketing campaign that is unique and personalised for you.

Identifying your target demographic

The momentum of a brick being thrown with full force at a wall, and a bullet being fired at the same wall are nearly the same, and yet everyone knows that a bullet is lethal and causes a lot more damage than a brick. You need to target your marketing efforts with deadly precision if you want your SEM campaign to yield good results. The first step is to identify the people most likely to do business with you. Factors like gender, age, location all play a role in this classification, and SEOtask will help you identify the people who will respond well to your search engine marketing efforts. Using traffic analysis tools we will show you how your efforts have been received and our experts will also suggest changes that you should make to refine your efforts and focus them for greater impact.

Complete SEM services at SEOtask

Search engine optimisation and search engine ad placement are not as simple as you might think. The SEO rulebook is forever evolving and SEOtask closely follows these changes to ensure that we always deliver our clients with the best SEO and SEM services. We provide PPC campaign management services as well so that you can entrust us with all search engine marketing related services. SEOtask will promote your business not only on Googlbut also on other prominent search engine services like Yahoo and BING, as well as local search engines for the locations where your business has a local presence. You can rely on us to provide you with complete search engine marketing services and we will always live up to our promise of always providing you with the best services.

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