Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services In Mumbai

Search Engine Optimization is the process of modifying a website so that it becomes more search engine friendly. Google, the most used search engine today, can direct a large number of visitors towards your website and give you thousands of potential sales leads. The good thing about SEO is that once you have optimized your website, you continue to benefit from its effects. Your business needs SEO services to become sustainable and profitable, and quality SEO expert can make a tremendous difference in the popularity of your service.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Company Services and Process 

Professional SEO experts for the up-to-date search Era

With Eras of experience, even seasoned SEO experts could learn fairly a bit from our techniques.

Advanced Keyword Research

  1. Competitor Keywords Targeted
  2. Related Topics
  3. Google Suggested Search Phrases (pops up when you start typing a search)
  4. Google Trends for Seasonal Keyword Research
  5. Track conversion on all search referrals for ROI

Website Optimization

This is some of the dirty work that few need to do, and even less know how to do well. Most SEO companies or consultants will only tell you the basics.

  1. Unique Header tags (H1, H2 tags)
  2. Focus Keyword Rich Meta tags
  3. ALT tags on images
  4. Title tags on links
  5. Friendly URLs

SEO Code Optimization

  1. XML Sitemaps – including proper formatting, updating, and more
  2. IP and Server configuration
  3. Meta tags that can add more structured data tags

Expert SEO Service

Now at this time are just a few of the additional expert SEO services you can expect from a professional SEO Marketing agency:

  1. Internal Linking structures
  2. Canonical Tag implementation
  3. 404 & 500 error reports and fixes
  4. Correct implementation of 301, 302, and 410 codes
  5. Schema Markup implementation
  6. Image performance optimization
  7. Multiple links to the same destination on the same page
  8. Panda & Penguin audit
  9. Duplicate content
  10. Low-quality content check

More Advanced SEO Services

We can also include advanced SEO services. The line between good website improvement and Search Engine Optimization has blurry over the years. In several cases, if a search marketing firm does not have a strong improvement background, they likely lack the skill to deliver expert SEO services.

  1. Full website broken link audit
  2. URL structure and formatting
  3. Keyword overload report (multiple pages or sites targeting the same keywords)
  4. Keyword Relevance report
  5. HTML tag & code optimization
  6. Cleanup spacing / comments
  7. Image & Data caching on Google
  8. Blog Optimization (technical analysis, plugins, performance)
  9. Linking analysis
  10. Website loading time
  11. Navigational Recommendations
  12. Photo name and page optimization
  13. Optimizing Contact and About Us pages (helps in local search and listing claiming)
  14. RSS feed optimization
  15. Internal link mapping
  16. Content cloaking, Density
  17. Keyword stuffing
  18. Same color font as the background
  19. Redirecting pages without a 301 redirect
  20. Linking to Questionable sites or networks
  21. Reciprocal Linking
  22. Sponsored posts or other non-organic linking
  23. Check Link Targets (open in a new window)
  24. Internal No Follow Report
  25. Domain Analysis (age, life, DNS location, etc.)
  26. Site Indexing
  27. Site / Page Bounce Rates
  28. Click Through Rate (CTR) within the displayed listing in the rankings
  29. Google Site Link Creation
  30. Site Reports (number of negative reports)
  31. Website Privacy Policy check
  32. Site Secure Certificate validation
  33. Major Directory Listings
  34. Corporate Email Id Create

Link Building service

Link building is by extreme the most difficult part of SEO. This is partly due to the detail that the base of the Google ranking algorithm was founded on the capacity for links to transfer value to the pages they link to. Most companies don’t want to spend the time and effort to do it true. There are many ways to create links. We use progressive Link Building strategies to get natural organic links to your site.

Now here are just a few of the lots of ways to build progressive links to a website

  1. Building Useful Tools & Widgets
  2. Create Guides & Resources
  3. Generating Buzz in Social Networks
  4. Create Interesting Headlines and Content
  5. Starting Relationships with Industry Experts
  6. Directories Listing
  7. Create How To, Tutorials, YouTube
  8. Use Social Sharing plugins like Add This
  9. Use copy/paste sharing like TYNT
  10. Share images/videos
  11. Create and submit Infographics
  12. Create and submit RSS feeds
  13. Write Reviews / Testimonials
  14. Give Interviews if asked
  15. Use Humor

Why SEO a necessity for online businesses

Search engine optimization, or SEO, as an industry has been forever evolving and each year the meaning of SEO changes a little. At the heart of it, SEO is a way of making your website rank higher on popular search engines by optimizing your website so that it appears useful to search engines. Whenever a new website is created, only the people who have created the website know about its existence. SEO services make sure that the website is included as a result whenever people look for a service relevant to the website. As a businessman you want your customers to find you and use your services because promoting your services directly is expensive and not feasible in the long run. Search engine optimization will create a stream of visitors to your website and if you can convert them into customers with your services, you can create a very successful online business.

Understanding Google

It is a well-known fact that Google is the most popular search engine service in the world today. What many people do not know however is that Google updates its search algorithms very regularly and SEO techniques that worked a year ago may not work anymore. The latest Hummingbird update puts a lot of emphasis on the value of content and websites that do not meet Google’s new requirements are losing their ranks rapidly. Give your business advantage with the expert services of and our SEO experts will help your website become more popular and successful.

Long tail keywords are the future

Long tail keywords have been used by many websites to attract fringe users who type out the full phrase-like question when making a Google search instead of just using relevant keywords. Soon long tail will become the most popular way of attracting new visitors. SEOtask will give your business a head start and optimize your website for natural language so that you can get a higher ranking than your competitors and soar in popularity while they are still stuck with regular keyword optimization.

SEO Services Expert at SEOTask

SEO task will ensure that your business gets quality SEO services and its search engine ranking improves not just for direct name searches, but also for service searches which bring in the most valuable traffic. Our B2B and B2C solutions are great for website owners whether they run an online business or a blog and our experts ensure that your website starts to see the improved results within days.


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