Social Media Branding

What is Social Media Branding?

To understand social media branding, you must first know what a brand is. The meaning of word brand has become marred by different definitions. Everyone has their own version of its meaning. In the simplest terms, the term brand is becoming ubiquitous in your domain. If people talk about your industry, and the name of your company gets a mention without fail, then you have established yourself as a brand. The same concepts apply for social branding. Your company must have a consistent presence across every social media platform, and when your brand is mentioned anywhere online, people should immediately associate it with the services that you provide.

Social Media Branding

1. Choose The Right Networks

2. Visual Branding (Color and Design)

✅ You audience target

✅ Regularly Post

✅ Create effective Bio/Profile

✅ Promote your profiles

✅ Increase Engagement

3.  Color Selection palette

4. Use the same logo/avatar

5. Filter carefully on every post

6. Create better templates on social media

Social Branding for Facebook

Facebook is unquestionably the king of social media branding today. There is hardly an internet user today who has not heard about the company, and hundreds of millions of people access their Facebook profiles daily. Use Facebook Connect to integrate your website with your Facebook presence, and push updates on the Brand Page on Facebook.  Ensure that your users find it easy to task about your business and tag your brand when they recommend your services to their friends.

Social Branding for Twitter

Twitter has emerged as the number one contender to Facebook and is an immensely popular social networking service that started as a micro-blogging site and gradually transformed into a real-time information exchange service. Your brand on Twitter has to be consistent with your presence on other networks, but at the same time, it should be just a list of links that point to your Facebook profile. Twitter can expose your brand to leading industry experts, and therefore you should make sure that it only contains valuable content.

Social Branding for LinkedIn

LinkedIn has established itself as a social network for professionals. Branding on LinkedIn is unlike normal branding efforts, and the purpose of creating your company presence on Linkedin is not to attract customers, but rather to network with other businesses. Creating a Company Page on LinkedIn, and initiating discussion in groups has been just one of the many things that you must do as a part of your social branding effort for LinkedIn.

Social Branding for Google+

Google+ is the second attempt by Google to enter the social networking field, and while Google+ is not as successful as Facebook or Twitter, the function it serves for your brand is essential. With the introduction of Authorship services and rich search data, Google+ has become a platform that is rapidly being adopted by brands and professionals. Company page integration with your website directly affects your Google ranking.

Social Branding services at SEOtask

Creating your brand on social networking services is a very delicate process. SEOtask has the experience to ensure that complete setup of your social media presence is done in the shortest time. Our experts make sure that your brand gets promoted on various social networking websites through content that is unique and original. Our services will help you establish yourself as a brand that is fast, efficient, and trustworthy.

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